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Friday, April 1, 2016

To stop the release of Tar-Baphon

Journal 4760 Rova 7th – Gregor got a message about his half brother missing. We ask us to go with him to Ustalav to find his bother. We will leave first thing tomorrow morning. Journal 4760 Rova 8th – We left Solvania to travel to Ustalav to find Gregor half brother Andivion. He told us that they believe the whispering way took him. Journal 4760 Rova 11th – Gregor has not been himself he has been focus on saving his half brother. We have been riding as hard as the group can go. It sad leaving the Riverlands after what just happen there but, I feel Gregor pain about his missing half brother. At least it has been a joy talking with Grim on this trip. Journal 4760 Rova 20th – The ride has been quiet we have had no trouble traveling almost half way and Gregor is still uneasy. Journal 4760 Rova 29th – We are in Ustalav and heading toward the dead city of Adorak where Gregor believes we will find his half brother. Journal 4760 Lamashan 3rd – We are back in the bad lands and should be in the dead city of Adorak late tomorrow. Journal 4760 Lamashan 4th - We are near the dead city of Adorak in Ustalav and are met by a group of knights. The leader recognized Gregor and after talking allowed us to enter the city. I told Grim to hide in the woods and stay out of the city. We needed to get to the tower of Gallowspire. As we were going toward Gallowspire I noticed that we were being followed by someone or something. When we stopped to check it out an elf person called Blackhands addressed us. He asked to join our party and told us that we had the same goal in stopping the whispering way releasing their God Tar-Baphon. He told us he is a revenant and if we kill him he would come back the next day. I encouraged Gregor to accept his help. He lead us through the city to the tower of Gallowspire without encountering any of the undead patrolling the city or many of the deadly sink holes. Gallowspire was covered with condemned prisoners turn into undead hanging all around the tower. Blackhands told us a dracolich named Marrowgarth guarded the front door which was also magically locked. The only way to get access was to climb to the top of the tower. I gave Gregor my climbing potion and I flew up with him as a humming bird. Gregor cleared a path for the others killing the undead on the way up. Blackhands climbed the tower with no problem the undead left him alone probably because he was one of them. Rigby and Erik had to climb themselves using the path Gregor cleared. Linkles used Rigby flying cloak to get up. He had to stay close to the tower but not within each of the undead hanging on the walls because hundreds of undead was flying above the tower ready to strike. Just before we got to the top a Priest of the whispering way told us we would fail as they killed Count Galdana who was the last descendant and ingredient to create and release the Carrion Crown to free Tar-Baphon. Still climbing we saw a flash of a purple light which we found out was the Carrion Crown releasing all the wards that were place to imprison Tar-Baphon. Once Gregor got to the top we threw down a rope to help Rigby and Erik climb the rest of the way up. Then Gregor chased after the prist of the whispering way down a ramp which was made of bones and as he started down the ramp the bone hands tried to grab him and throw him off the ramp. The center had a reverse gravity spell causing you to go up and down like a yoyo if you fell in. Gregor having my climb potion still in effect was able to catch up to the group of the whispering way. Erik did not fare as well as he fell twice but Linkles threw him the rope to grab and pull himself back down to the ramp. Blackhands was not bother by the skeleton ramp at all. Rigby was able to also catch up to them and they killed the priest of the whispering way and the ones that jumped or were thrown over I was able to kill as they floated by me. As we group together on the ramp we heard a muffle sound and after about a minute a man tied up became visible. It was Gregor half brother Andivion. We pulled him over finally to the skeleton ramp and untied him. Andivion was not sure what the priest were going to do with him but when we started after them he prayed for his God to make him invisible which it did and he rolled off the ramp only to be caught by the spell going up and down. So, we are now a party of six. We put on the amlets of the whispering way and the hands help us stay on instead of pushing us off. We finally got down to the bottom and noticed the outside door is bar on the inside. Noticed another door and it looks like when the Carrion Crown went through the door destroying most of the seals, too. Rigby checked it for traps anyway and there was one which he removed successfully for us to open the door. This led us into a chamber with another skeleton ramp. Then into a circular chamber that had nine knights hanging on the wall calling for our help. Gregor ask his God to receive the knights to the realm of the dead and he then removed it from it hook. When he did the spirit of the knight left the tower so we release the other nine knights on the hooks, too. Rigby cleared the next door and down another skeleton ramp we went. About half way down we came upon spider webs and a very large spider known as a beblith on the other side of us. I used my produce flame spell which burned up all the webs causing the spider to fall. Then it climbed the wall back up to kill us. With all of us attacking it we killed it before it killed any of us. The spider almost killed Blackhands when Erik switch places with him but the spider was able to hit Erik a couple of times before we killed it. When Erik used his healing potion to heal himself he needed more potions to completely heal himself. So, our healing potions and probably our healing spells will only work at half what they should while we are in this place. We passed through another door Rigby open with no problem. When we came to the bottom of the next level we found a fire elemental which we attacked from the ramp and were able to kill it quickly before it did anything to us. We noticed four burning brazier and Erik kick one over putting out the coals immediately and then the brazier age the years it been in here and now it is just an old rusted out brazier. I thought about putting one in the portable hole but then was not sure it would stay upright and not burn or destroy the hole so I did not. We will try and take them when we leave. He found a trap door and Rigby removed the trap on the door again this led to a long shaft. We sent Erik back up to get my 250 foot of rope we left behind to help the climb the tower and to help us catch the rope when we fell off the walk way. The rest of us took a short rest while we waited for his return. We then tied about 400 ft of rope to help us climb down and back up the shaft. Journal 4760 Lamashan 5th - This shaft about 200 feet deep led us to a hallway and into some rooms. Rigby remove traps from the doors but one to our right when we open it had a vampire which Blackhands knew as his old lover. She attacked us only hurting Erik taking some of his health causing him to lose health (hit points) until maybe I can cast Greater Restoration on him. She was no match for the group even when she tried to use her druid power changing into a cave bear to attack us. We killed the cave bear in one round and her two rounds later with only Erik being hurt by her. We found another room to the left which was an old library and had four suits of armor one in each corner. One door to our left and one to our right which had a warning about entering it and releasing what is in there by order of Tar-Baphon. Rigby was able to remove the traps on the two doors leading out of the library. We open the door with the warning and found two cells with three sarcophagi inside. When Rigby tried to remove the first trap on the cell door to our left he failed and it exploded almost killing him. When Rigby failed this activated the four demonic armor in the four corners of the library. Erik attacked the one to our right and Gregor took the one to our left. I cast spike stone on the floor to hit the other two as they attacked. We were able to defeat them without harm. One of the demonic armor was okay which I put in my hole. Then Erik removed the lid to the sarcophagi revealing a skeleton knight holding a bastard sword. The skeleton knights eyes started to glow red and ask are we friend or foe of Tar-Baphon in ancient Varisian. Black Hands was able to speak to him in that language and Gregor doing his best to translate what was said to the rest of us. Black Hands told him we are foes of Tar-Baphon and ending up convincing the skeleton knight telling him we have come to kill Tar-Baphon. He agreed to help us and we released the other two skeleton knights, too. We are a party of ten to defeat Tar-Baphon. We moved on taking the left door from the library which opened up to a large room with an angle in it. The Carrion Crow came this way and broke the seal the angel Sanviel was guarding. After talking with the angel Sanviel, he agreed to let us pass to kill Tar-Baphon but first feed us and let us rest to regain our strength and spells. The angel Sanviel opened the trap door he was standing to allow us all to pass on, which was another bone ramp down to another level that led us into cave. When we entered the cave we were met by ghost on a bridge telling us we shall not pass but they also told us to kill them so they can rest. We were doing well destroying the ghost until one of the ghost’s took control of Black Hands. Erik grappled Black Hands but Black Hands continue to attack Erik. I hit Black Hands twice with radiant damage then I remember that if I turn Black Hands I may be able to force the ghost out of Black Hands which I did. The group then quickly destroyed the last ghost. After the battle we heard rustling noise from a building near the bridge. We ask Black Hands to check it out and he said it had many others in it. Linkles fired a fireball into the building after Rigby and Andivion used a spell to open the door with a hand. The fireball destroyed half of the ghouls inside and we were able to destroy the rest with little trouble. Staying to the right of the building and path we continue on which lead us to another shaft. Andivion gave us rope so we could climb down this shaft and also give us a way to climb back up.

Reviewing the damage of the Blooms

Journal 4760 Arodus 29th – Nyrissa is dead Gregor has informed the queen. I will take a few days to finish updating my ritual book with the spells I can cast without memorizing them. Journal 4760 Arodus 30th – Still working on my ritual book one more day should get in all the spells I can do. Also, I’m thinking on using the staff to awaken Grim if I can find him. Journal 4760 Rova 1st – I’m all done with my ritual book. Looks like Erik is studying to do more fire magic and working out with the city guard. Linkles is going to talk to Horace about scrolls and studing. Rigby went to Pitax for some reason for the queen. Gregor is training his temple paladins to help them in future crisis. So, I left to look for Grim and check out the damage to the land. Journal 4760 Rova 2nd – I was surprised that I found Grim so quickly we was in the area I left him and he was glad to see me, too. I cast the awaken spell on him and it is strange that he can now talk to me. Now I have a true companion as I travel around. Going back to the hide out place to re-supply the hole with equipment I left in the first realm. Journal 4760 Rova 3rd – It is strange I am finding the areas that were damaged by the fey energy are now growing back even healthier. I see the destruction but also seeing the healing which is going to bring the land back quicker and healthier. Grim is a delight to have around and is a good guard for me at night. I still helped some of the land with my growth spell. Got to the hide out place late but most of the normal equipment was there to add back in the hole. Left half of my copper here and going to the crystal cave next to leave my coin and other treasure I do not want to keep. Journal 4760 Rova 4th – I decided to change in to a wolf today and run around with Grim instead of riding him. It was a great day. I’m still impressed how healthy the land looks. Journal 4760 Rova 5th – Went back to the crystal cave and dropped off the rest of my treasure from the hole for safe keeping. Then started back to Solvania to see what the others are doing. Journal 4760 Rova 6th – Got back to Solvania late at night and went straight to bed.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Travel to the 1st realm in search of Nyrissa

Journal 4760 Adrodus 29th – We performed the ritual to enter the first realm. It worked and we all came into the fey realm and came to a cave like my cave in the Fey Realm guarded by a sphinx that looked familiar but different. It knew me and told me it is the twin of the one I know. It told us if we had any questions for it that we would had to answer it question first. The other did and I did not ask any questions plus I did not get anything from the question they asked the sphinx. To get into the first realm we had to answer one of the three riddles and if we could answer all three it would return us back to the time we enter. Gregor was able to answer the first one very easy I should of known that answer too. It was shadow but I could not remember. The second riddle was harder and we did not get it right but the sphinx did say it would give us a second chance on the way out to answer it correct after answer the third riddle we believe the second answer was an eclipse . The last riddle was not as hard but made us think and I did not know this one at all but Gregor was able to answer it again correctly. So, the Sphinx opened the door to the first realm for us to go in. We can feel how the land is feels if healthy or sick now it feels very healthy. We did not go very far before a swarm of stirges came upon us. They were no trouble just to use our spells up. Then we came into a forest area and were attacked by two giant treants and a couple of minor trees assisting them. We only attacked the two giant treants and once we killed them the minor trees stop fighting also. We saw a grove of trees with hugh spiky bulbs hanging from them that look to be like Nyrissa army of spiked plant men. There are thousands of them and I have a strong feeling I should destroy them but we left them alone. We came to a stream that was about sixty feet across to the path on the other side or try and follow the shore line. We were attacked by to great wing owl bears which we easy killed. We decided to take my boat out and cross the river. As soon as we started to paddle across the stream started moving faster the harder we tried to go upstream the faster the river moved. We stopped paddling and let the stream take us to it end which came to a cold place with a giant longhouse. Just after we got out of the boat a bloody old warrior came out and headed right to Erik. He gave his sword to him telling him it is up to him to finish the quest then he died. When we were attacked by a large creature which we believe was a windego. The windego first finished tearing apart the warrior and then attacked Erik. It was a scary battle at first because Erik seemed to stop fighting but he shrugged it off and we defeated this creature. We then enter the house and found two dead frost giants inside it looked like one had eaten the other. We did not find much else inside so we left. Before we left Erik had decided to put on the dead warrior red armor. We took the path that lead us to a tall tower with a Giant Rook at the top of it and it flew down and attacked us. We almost killed it but it flew away and I let it go that was a mistake I will not make again if I see that creature. We were tried and needing to rest so we went back to the giant house to rest. As we slept we all had nightmares that night. Before I slept I was able to heal Erik who somehow was hurt by his nightmare that physically caused him damage that I was able to heal. I also had a nightmare about being changed and not able to change back but woke up restful. Journal Entry next day in the 1st realm - When we all woke up only Rigby and I were able to get our spells back. That Giant Rook was giving us our nightmare and I will kill it before we sleep again. We started off down the trail and went around the lake which looked to have a giant Kraken living in it. We came to a house which we enter finding a strange hag inside. Linkles told us to attack it so I did giving us surprise on the hag. We were able to kill it quickly without any problem. Next we then came upon a large beehive type building with a very large door. When we open the door we found a large troll inside just finishing eating two Gnomes. We attacked it with missile fire first and it came to the door way and attacked Erik who hurt it the most. With all of us fighting it we killed it with no problem and took only a little damage to us. Linkles said it a waste not to save this troll blood to make healing potions when I told him I had 48 empty flasks in my hole which we took out and filled with troll’s blood. We needed to know what way to go so Rigby flew up to check out the area and he saw the way. We also saw the Giant Nightmare Rook sitting on the tower we needed to go too. So, we started off down the path again to another tall building leading to the gate tower we needed to get too. We decided we are going to be coming back this way and do not need to have something in our way so we went into the tower. When we open the door and saw a lady milking a cow. Linkles again told us that it was an enemy so I hit it with moonbean causing damage to both of them. Our attacks killed the cow and it turn into a gorgon. We first put all our attacks on her and killed her first. When she died she showed her true form which was a medusa. We killed the gorgon with no further problem. Erik cut off the medusa head and put it in a sack. When we search the place we found four chests full of coins which we put in my hole after removing some of my items. Put the chest with copper on the bottom then the gold chest and platinum chest dumping the silver chest around the other chests and putting my chest and other items we could back in the hole on top. Leaving half of our supplies like the barrels, tents and tools in this room we found the coins. We were also able to see above the trees and the Giant Nightmare Rook staring at us. Erik and Linkles wanted to rest but I told them we cannot chance it until we kill the Rook. It is on that wall we need to get to anyway so we left to travel to the wall. When we got to the wall the Roc was staring at us when I cast my ice storm spell on him killing the Rook at last. Now that it is dead we travel back to the tower to rest to face Nyrissa. Journal entry another day in the first realm – We travel back up to the gate and found it guarded by five eladrin ghost archers. I was able to destroy two of the ghost with my moonbean spell and the others killed the last three. The ghost tried to get control of Linkles and Rigby but failed before we destroyed them. When we were trying to decide on how to get in a rope came down calling to us to climb up it was Wrench. After talking to him only Gregor and I could see him or the rope. I got out a rope and threw it down for the others to climb up. Wrench was blaming me for his death and this is partly true because I should of gone and gotten his father and buried him along with his bride. Or I should taken him to the Crooked Kin who would of taken care of him instead of leaving him on his own. I will probably have to kill him again. We then entered the main area of the castle where we were attacked by five shadows. I was able to turn most of them making it an easier battle for us. We were able to gang up and take down the shadows by themselves very easily. Then we entered the keep going through a series of small rooms which contained a ghost in most of the rooms. One of the rooms contained a ghost of Father Grimburrow from Ravengro. Wondering if these ghost are people who got killed by our actions leading to this event? Then we came upon a stuffed bear dancing in a cage very strange. We then backtracked and took the spiral staircase up to the 2nd floor where we were attacked by four snake man. The snake men caused Erik to retreat up the stairs but we were able to kill them with very little trouble before they split us up. We then enter rooms that looked like guest rooms. Rigby and Gregor saw ghosts but when we moved in they shifted away from us. This leaded us to a staircase going down and a spiral staircase going up. We decided to go back and cross a bridge that went over the main hall/throne room. Once across we believe we have found Nyrissa’s private area. When we enter we found Nyrissa’s rooms which included a few rooms plus a private bath and wardrobe room. Rigby was attacked by Nyrissa’s six blinded nymph handmaidens while looking around. They made a blood crying noise and charmed Erik sending him downstairs but Gregor blocked his way and hit him with his fists until he broke the charm. The rest of us did not want to get to close to them at first. Then Erik summoned his fire steed but got charmed again and this time fled downstairs. That was when Linkles cast fireballs decimated the blind nymphs leaving only one clinging to life when Rigby cast fire bolt to kill the last one. Nothing else in the rooms we decided to go take the spiral staircase up to the 3rd floor. We found a single tower chamber that was empty except for the carapace skeletons of chasme locust demons. We then took the ladder up to the 4th floor in this tower room. Gregor went up first and used Briar to clear the roots and branches to get up the latter. When Gregor was looking into the room we saw a beautiful elf woman who failed to charm him. That was when she used her gaze to turn Gregor to stone. Erik then charged up the ladder and attacked the elf and after we killed her we saw that she was a medusa. We were not able to turn Gregor back to flesh. They ask me if we put him in the Nyrissa bath would that do anything and I say it couldn’t hurt. I had Wretch free Gregor from the latter and carry him to the bath. So, we all went back to Nyrissa’s private rooms to put Gregor in the bath water. We arrived and the water did nothing. Then we talk about would anyone use Briar at all. I felt it was our only chance to defeat Nyrissa was to kill her with the sword. Erik was thinking about it so I had Wretch break off Gregor hand to get the sword. Erik had second thoughts and as he was deciding we hear Nyrissa voice telling us about the tale of the next attack. Once again I ask because Briar could kill the Jabberwocky we even put the fey blood on the sword but Erik felt his sword would do. We first were going to stay in Nyrissa room but we felt we had no escape so we went across the bridge and set up in that room waiting for the Jabberwocky. The Jabberwocky finally broke through and landed on the bridge to attack us. Erik was in the doorway blocking the Jabberwocky entrance. It was going okay until the Jabberwocky breath his poison alcohol on us catching only Erik and me in his blast. Erik came through but I failed and was no longer any help in the attack and close to death. While I was out Nyrissa freed Gregor from being stoned but because I had Wretch break his sword hand he started bleeding to death. Linkles was able to stop the bleeding with a healing potion as Rigby and Erik continue to battle the Jabberwocky. We now had Nyrissa to fight also. Nyrissa wanted to kill Gregor because she was attacking only him. Rigby help free me from the effect of the Jabberwocky breath I was under. Linkles was able to banish Nyrissa and we were able to kill the Jabberwocky and I healed Erik before Nyrissa came back. I gave Gregor his sword but he could not fight with it at all with his off hand. Briar was useless to us now so I put it back in my hole. I felt the only chance to save the moment was to go back to the sphinx to use the gift the sphinx gave me of time travel. So, I left going back to the fey realm to the Crystal Cave. A few moments after I arrived in the fey realm Linkles showed up telling me that they killed Nyrissa and not to use my gift. Both of us drank from the pool of healing then headed to the gate of the first realm to meet the others. It was only about an hour later the others show up. We traveled back to Solvania to tell them the crisis is over. We found that the sphinx did return us back to the time we enter the first realm.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Journal 4760 Adrodus 16th - Adrodus 28th - The Blooms

Journal 4760 Adrodus 16th - Linkles and I arrived in Solvannia and the queen was happy to see us but ask where Gregor and the others were. We told her Gregor and the others are on their way and will be here as fast as they can. We expect him any day it been 10 days sense we last saw him. It looks like Linkles and I lost six days being in the fey realm for only a few hours. Looking at the problem this looks like the bloom the dryad was saying will come. I need to change a spell to cast water breathing on us in case we get pulled under the water. Linkles agreed that we need to find out what those swans are and can do. We will go out in the morning to see if we can stop this bloom. Journal 4760 Adrodus 17th – I cast water walking and water breathing on the both of us and we go out to meet the swans. Just as we are in striking distance Linkles cast his fire ball spell on two of the swans (After the battle I’m glad he only hit two of them). The blast killed the swans but they turn into two water elementals which attack us. We each had an elemental attack us. I casted my moonbeam spell on mine along with casting my guiding bolt spell. Linkles spell where not doing as much damage as he was taking. I was able to heal him a little before the next elemental attack took Linkles down. At that time I was able to destroy my elemental and sent the moonbeam on Linkles elemental. I was also able to heal Linkles before he died. Linkles had slowed his elemental so it could not reach me as I kept backing away and keeping my moonbeam spell on it and was able to destroy it. I had to heal Linkles up and we went back to Solvannia after killing two of them. We did learn that the other swans do not interfere or join the other elemental we are attacking so we should be able to attack one at a time. Journal 4760 Adrodus 18th – I was ready to go and try and kill another swan but Linkles was not so sure and thought we should wait for the others. I tried to tell him if we only kill one swan at a time we will only be fighting one elemental at a time. When we started out we saw the swan had grouped together and Linkles was not as sure now and said we should wait. Gregor should be here today or tomorrow. As it turned out Gregor, Erik and Rigby show up just before evening. We told them what we have learned about the swans. Gregor was able to heal some of the sick because the black water going out of the bloom is a poison. Journal 4760 Adrodus 19th - When we went out to fight the swan there was now four swans instead of only three. The plan work to attack one swan and then one elemental at a time. Doing this we did not take much damage as a group. Eric took the most damage but survived. When we killed the last elemental this caused the whirlpool to close and it toss us around like buoys in a storm. When it was all done clean water started flowing out from the center again and a dead swan was floating in the center where the whirlpool was. This is our first trophy. We took it and head back to Solvannia. It will take another 14 to 15 days to totally clear up the poison water this bloom caused. We decided to wait here in Solvannia to get a report of another bloom instead of guessing where the bloom will appear. Since we need to stay close to each other and Solvannia will get a report of trouble. Which did not take long, it was a plague of twig men to the north. We headed out in search of this bloom. Journal 4760 Adrodus 20th – Traveling to the Narlmarches in search of the twig men bloom. Journal 4760 Adrodus 21st – Another day going to the Northwest to the Narlmarches but only reports of twig men attacking and sucking the blood of the children and animals. Journal 4760 Adrodus 22nd – Still no sight of the bloom decided to go more to the Northeast to see if we can find the bloom. Another day the bloom is growing. Journal 4760 Adrodus 23rd – No bloom yet. Journal 4760 Adrodus 24th – We have come to the edge of the bloom. It is overgrown like someone has been casting plant growth. The forest is filled with leaves even thou I can move through them with no problem the party cannot go we head to the Northeast which I believe is the center of the bloom. Journal 4760 Adrodus 25th – This is taking too long to go thru the forest heading to the heart of the bloom which I believe is at the center of the fey forest in the Riverlands. We hear a scream and went to the sound. When we arrived we found that two twig men had captured a young boy and was starting to feed on his blood. We were able to kill the two twig men quickly without hurting the boy further. Gregor healed the boy as I bound his wounds. His parents where already dead and we could not waste more time taking the boy to safety so we took him with us. A few hours later we found ourselves surrounded by over two hundred twig men. At first it looked very grim and they were immune to my spike stone spell which I was hoping to protect one side of us. I first used my ice storm which took out about 15 in front of me. I then used call lighting sense they were packing in to attack. I’m not sure why Erik had to leave the group maybe because he wanted to use his thunder wave spell which would hurt us, too. The rest of us stayed close to each other so we would not become completely surrounded. I took only a little damage but could kill one with my staff and four with my call lighting spell. Linkles was using his magic missiles spell to kill three to four and Gregor and Rigby were killing three at a time. Erik was doing well killing like 12 at a time. The battle lasted longer because of the number but we killed them all and only taking some damage that our potions of healing recovered. Journal 4760 Adrodus 26th – No more signs of the twig men only a sense we are being watched. Journal 4760 Adrodus 27th – We were getting near the center when we first found the faire dragon of the forest who warned us to leave the forest now. The faire dragon had to use his breathe on Rigby but Rigby was able to shake off it effect before the dragon left. We soon came to the center of the bloom finding a huge tree. I cast call lighting to strike the tree, Erik cast his spell at it, Linkles cast magic missile, Gregor ran up to attack the tree and Rigby I lost track of in the battle because after we attack the big tree summon two trees to attack us and I ran from them staying away from the big tree. With all of us attacking the big tree we were able to bring it down and Linkles noticed from Gregor cuts that he could see the heart wood and it was in the shape of a heart. It was our trophy of this bloom. Once the big tree was killed the summon trees stopped attacking us. We pick up the heart trophy and headed back to Solvannia to find the next bloom. I did not think we were close enough but I thought I would try and cast animal messenger to ask them to send a ride in the direction of the fey forest to tell us if another bloom has been reported. Journal 4760 Adrodus 28th – We heard horns blowing from a distance and Gregor told us they sounded like someone or something is on a hunt. As the horn got closer to us we stop and got ready to attack whatever was coming. It was a fey wild hunt lead by three satyrs and eight wolves. I did not try my spike stone spell but used call lighting just ahead of me so everything would be in the radius of the spell. In a couple of rounds we were able to kill the three satyrs and most of the wolves. The last two wolves started to run away when the last satyr was killed. But, Erik killed one as it left and I used my ice storm to kill the last one so it would not hurt another one else as it tried to get away. A horn was left as our third trophy for this bloom. I believe we need to now go after Nyrissa.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Journal 4760 Erastus 23rd thru Arodus 6st - Hunt for Nyrissa in the Forest of a Thousand Voices

Journal 4760 Erastus 23rd – We are all back together again and after talking what to do next we decided to travel to the forest of a Thousand Voices to look for Nyrissa. Journal 4760 Erastus 24th – We are off to the Forest of a Thousand Voices. Journal 4760 Erastus 30th – We have reached the Forest of a Thousand voices. The forest sounds quiet no strange voices as far as we can hear. Going into the forest tomorrow to look for Nyrissa.. Journal 4760 Erastus 31th – We see animals and fey creature in the forest but no monsters like we have heard in the stories. We have seen a green form in the shadow following us at a distance that could be Nyrissa. Journal 4760 Arodus 1st – Fist thing this morning we believe Nyrissa started casting entangle spells on us. Erik was not thinking and used his fire magic in the forest but before I could tell him to stop the trees around us start attacking us. I believe it was because of the fire magic. While we were fighting with the trees Rigby was able to sneak up on Nyrissa and run her thru with his sword. Once she died the trees stopped attacking so she had animated them. When looking at Nyrissa body the features started to change from harsh features to more esthetically pleasing features. We had killed a dryad I believe that Nyrissa had cursed or this is the favor she requested this dryad to do for something. We headed into the woods looking for Nyrissa. Journal 4760 Arodus 2nd – As we go further into the forest of a Thousand Voices we notice we are being followed again. I tried to talk to the Dyrad following us but only got that Nyrissa is coming and the blooms are coming. She tried a couple of times to charm me to follow her into her realm but failed. Journal 4760 Adrodus 3rd – We saw her again but I could not get near her she kept saying the blooms are coming. After talking a bit about us having to go into the first realm and the fey realm is close to the first realm here I decided to see if I could take the party into the fey realm. It did not totally work only Linkles the Half elf who is fey was able to enter with me. We talk to the care taker of the crystal cave and he told us for the others to enter the realm they would need a trophy to enter. We have no idea what trophy they would need to let them in. We decided to wait here for a bloom instead of guessing where the bloom would appear. Journal 4760 Adrodus 4th – Waiting for a bloom to appear even thou we have no idea what the bloom will look like. The dryad keeps telling us the bloom is coming and Nyrissa is coming for us. No bloom today. Journal 4760 Adrodus 5th – Another day waiting in the forest of a Thousand Voices for a bloom to appear but nothing to report. Journal 4760 Adrodus 6th – Another day waiting but no bloom. So, I return back to the fey realm to talk to the care taker of the crystal cave. Only a few minutes had pass sense I enter the fey realm when Linkles appear. Telling me, I have been gone over 10 hrs and Gregor got a dream sent to him by the Grandmaster of the Wizard order in Solvannia. He told him a whirlpool appeared a few days ago in the middle of the lake. There are five swans swimming near the whirlpool but never go to it. One of Gregor knights row out to attack one of the swans but fell in and drowned. Anyone who drinks the water becomes sick and blinded. Asking us to return immediately they were only going to wait until they had everything pick up and ready to travel if we are not back by then they are leaving without us. I told Linkles we are on a different time our world is going fast than the time here. You said that I have been gone 10 hrs but I just arrived so they have already left to Solvannia without us. I can get us close to Solvannia but first we ask the care taker more about the trophies and he told us if we destroy the bloom we would receive a trophy. We need to hurry Nyrissa is coming. I took Linkles to a place I know would take me back to the Fey Forest in Solvannia only a few days out from Solvannia.

Journal 4760 Gozran 5th thru Erastus 22nd My Travels around the River Lands

Journal 4760 Gozran 5th – Talk more with Gregor about Brair and he aligned the sword to himself. Sold of some of the other items and re-supplied the hole with food and fresh water. Journal 4760 Gozran 6th – Gregor told us the Queen is calling up her troops and allies to march on Pitax because they are engaged in a civil war on who will be the next King. The Queen is going to throw her support behind the Vascari family because they help us get in to kill the King. Journal 4760 Gozran 7th – Since Solvannia was going to war and I do not care in this civil matter I decided to check on the centaur and their agreement with the humans in the area. Journal 4760 Gozran 12th – I found a group of human watching over their animals as they grazed. They show me the mark we set up in the agreement and pointed me in the direction they last saw the centaur. Journal 4760 Gozran 14th – I found the centaur and the agreement is working out find so far with them, too. They were doing fine so I left them to travel around the Riverlands. Journal 4760 Gozran 18th – Finding no problems in the Riverlands so far everything is fine. Journal 4760 Gozran 27th – Arrived at our hideout we took from the Trolls. It was as we left it. I used my create water spell to wash down the steps from the top down only cleaning three a four per spell. I was able to cast the spell 12 times cleaning 42 steps. I used my destroy water at the higher levels to dry up the mess at the bottom. Was able to cleaned about a fifth of the stairs in this tower. Journal 4760 Gozran 28th – Another day cleaning the stairs this section was a little harder but still was able to clean 29 steps. I decided to use my conjured woodland creatures for help tomorrow. Journal 4760 Gozran 29th – Another day cleaning it is getting harder about half done. Using the conjured woodland creatures for an hour was great idea. At night I started using my bag of devouring to remove dung in the tower. Journal 4760 Desnus 12th – I have finally removed all the troll dung out of the tower. This took me longer than I thought it would be and using the woodland creatures to help saved me a few days more of this work. At least the tower is clear and is no longer a problem climbing the stairs. Journal 4760 Desnus 14th – The last two days I have cleaned up the cave a little more getting rid of the rags the trolls used for whatever in the bag of devouring. I have done enough it is a better place to live now. Add a few more tools to my collection in the portal hole. Plan to leave before sunrise tomorrow out from the tower. Journal 4760 Desnus 16th – Help out some farmer with their crops so they will have a better yield this year. Journal 4760 Desnus 21st – The river lands are quiet and found no problems in the area. Continue to help the people in the area or if saw no one that day help the forest area grow. Journal 4760 Desnus 30th – Decide to head back to Solvannia to see if Gregor has return from Pitax. Journal 4760 Sareneth 4th – Hear that the Queen is returning home after putting Jhofre Vascari as the new Grand Duke of Pitax. Pitax has now sworn fealty to Queen Arsinoe. They are expecting them back any day now. Journal 4760 Sereneth 6th – The Queen returns with the news that all is well with Solvannia and Pitax. Gregor ask me more about the sword Brair and I told them all I knew. Gregor then told me he and Erik are going to go to Ustalav to purchase rings of protection from the priest. Then Linkles and Rigby told me they are going to go to Kyonin to purchase elven boots. They are both planning to return in about 45 days. Journal 4760 Sereneth 7th – The other are off to buy their items they want. I’m off again to see what going on in the river lands. Journal 4760 Sereneth 11th - Continue to find no problems and been able to help the farmers with their crops so they will do a good yield for them this year. Journal 4760 Sereneth 13th – Back in the Fey Forest and found a tree to get into the Fey Realm. I have return back to the crystal Cave. The trident is where I left it and seems to be well hidden. Planning to spend a few days here in the crystal caves. Journal 4760 Sereneth 27th – The time passed quickly when I’m in the Fey Realm. I did not think it would pass that fast but it was very relaxing for me. Journal 4760 Erastus 2nd – It is a joy going around the river lands and seeing all is well. Journal 4760 Erastus 10th – The only problem I see that Solvannia has brought more people into the river lands than I thought it would. So, far they are not destroying the lands as far as I can tell. Journal 4760 Erastus 19th - The river lands are quiet and peaceful at this time. It is time to head back to Solvannia to meet back up with the others. Journal 4760 Erastus 22nd – Arrive back in Solvannia the others have not returned.

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Journal 4760 Pharast 8th thru Gozran 4th - Off to Pitax to kill the King

Journal 4760 Pharast 8th – We are on the road to Pitax Journal 4760 Pharast 10th – We have no idea what to do because we do not know what the city of Pitax is like or looks like so we will have to wait until we arrive. Journal 4760 Pharast 15th – We are just about a day or so out from Pitax. We are now thinking about who should enter the city. The King has meet Gregor and Erik at the Rushlight Tournament because they won events. Journal 4760 Pharast 17th – We arrived at Pitax. We also saw a poster of Erik with a reward to anyone who kills him. I guess the King is still mad at Erik for destroying his wrestling champion in the Rushlight Tournament. So it was decided that Gregor and Erik will wait in the camp we have set up outside of Pitax in a wooded area. The King never saw me and Rigby and Linkles are not from the Riverlands so can move around freely. The three of us will enter the city tomorrow. Journal 4760 Pharast 18th – Rigby see a symbol on a wall and tells us that he is going to look for the thieves guild that symbol belongs too. We all agreed to meet back at the gate around super time. I went looking for the palace the king would live in. Linkles goes looking to see if he can find some boots for Rigby. I find the palace and it is a one story building except for the guard towers. I talk to a person near the palace and he did confirm this is where the King lives and he does have a griffon. He talk fun about being hit by the griffon dung saying it a good thing because I believe if he says it bad or would like to harm the griffon then the king would punish him for those words. Looking around it has two entrances thru double wooden doors. Rigby and I could possible squeeze thru the window slits but no one else. One of the window slits I noticed a ballistic pointing thru it. I did not notice anything else about the palace. We meet up and went back to the camp. Linkles did not find any boots. I told them what I learned and Rigby told us the thieves guild supports King Castruccion Irrioventi. He also found out the three merchant guilds they are fine if he steals from them as long as he gives them their cut. Journal 4760 Pharast 19th – Rigby finds one of the merchant family. If he kills someone they would talk to him. But when he gave one of the guards who a family member money he was put in a room and the door was locked. So, he hid from them and when they came back could not find him they started looking for him when Rigby was able to escape. They do not like the King but because he told them he knew Erik they were going to turn him over to the king or kill him to get to Erik to win favor with the king. Rigby, started to look for the next merchant family. I continue to check out the palace. Journal 4760 Pharast 20th – Rigby was able to find the next family. Rigby and Linkles both went to meet the Vascari family. They told us they did get in to talk to Jhofre Vascari and he did agree to help us assassinate the king. He asked us to give him a few days to work out a plan to get us all in to the city and maybe the king palace. He wanted Gregor and Erik to shave off all their hair on their head and face. Erik was not to thrill to do it but he did say he is a wanted man and his description matches what he looks like. They both agreed because they needed to change their looks. I still did not see anything of important at the palace except the scream of a horse getting eaten I believe by the griffon and the griffon flying out to relieve himself. Journal 4760 Pharast 21st – We waited for contact from the Vascari family. Journal 4760 Pharast 22nd thru 23rd – Still waiting for the contact from the Vascari family. Journal 4760 Pharast 24th – Contact was made by a servant of Jhofre Vascari who took us to a dingy and onto a merchant ship who brought us in to the port of Pitax. Once on the ship Gregor and Erik shaved their head and face. They were provided with a toupee and clothing to pass as drovers. We put their gear in my portal hole. When we disembarked the ship we where then taken to the Vascari warehouse where we were given a wagon with empty barrels. Rigby and I were ask to hide in the empty barrels as Gregor, Eric and Linkles drove the wagon to the Turning Wheel where they made cheese and sausage. We meet the owner Ingras Quill. She told us that her son was executed for daring to question King Irrovetti’s fitness to rule. That is why she is willing to risk getting us in to kill the king. After talking to her a bit more we were put into the barrels that where to be delivered to the palace. Three different but similar looking drovers would take us there and leave the barrels in the pantry of the palace. That plan work as planned as the barrels were placed in the king pantry. After what we thought was several hours later we came out of the barrels smelling like cheese and sausage. There was another door which led to a wine cellar. We will use this room to stay in which gives us another room to keep us from being discovered. Gregor had a good idea about cleaning up so I had Erik go into my portal hole and bring up the barrel of water to use. We all bath to remove the smell as best as we could. I changed into a clean set of clothing. Then I listen at the door going into the kitchen and hear voices so I decided to wait another hour. Went back and still hear voices and Gregor told me that the kitchen is probably open all the time to always keep the fires going. So, I changed into a spider and started scouting. The first door to my right was a linen closet and when I came out I was noticed by the Halfling who screamed about seeing a spider. I was able to get under the door on the left of the cellar door before they tried anything. This turn out to be the Halfling sleeping rooms but it did have a door at the end that led into the dining area. There were six guards in this room I stay near the wall on my left unnoticed. This led me into a room that turn out to be the ogre mage room. I left the ogre behind and continue on to the left which led me down a hallway to the main entrance. There were two large trolls on guard and drapes that showed pictures of King Irrovetti great moments. I stay behind the drapes on my left which brought me into a room large room where the King was holding court. He is a harsh king giving out punishment to his subjects who just want justice done. When the court was over I tried to jump on the cape of the last guard but he noticed me and tried to step on me. Then the guards tried to kill me but I got away and hid for about 30 minutes in the drapes in the entrance hall. Then went thru a door but a Troll was on patrol there. So, I tried another door which led me down a short hallway to another door. It was another linen closet with no exit. But, I did find a hole in the wall which brought me to another long hallway. Just as I got to the end a Troll came in and saw me. He picked me up and bit me causing me to change back to myself. The change hurt us both causing me to fall to the floor. I changed back into a spider and was able to get away. I was able to back track to the cellar. I told them what I found out and took my healing potions to get healed back from the bite. We finally agreed to wait and rest until tomorrow night when I will try again to find the king bedroom. I would love to steal the sword from him. Journal 4760 Pharast 25th - We were able to hide from the Halfling who come down into the cellar a few times today. When it was about time to go I turn myself into a lizard this time. When I came out from under the door the Halfling tried to catch me but when I went under a door on the other side of the kitchen from the door I enter from I was in a room that had two guards. I was able to hide from the guards and they question the Halfling why he was in room. The room led me to the king dining table and throne chair where he held court the other night. This time he was at the table talking to two Ogre Mages and two guards about us and losing the barbarians support and what they should do next. I moved on to see if I could get thru the secret door but could not. So I went down to the main entrance and to the hallway that had a troll the other night. The troll was there but far down the hallway so I could get into the King fighting arena area without being seen. This led me to his library where three wizards were reading but one saw me and caught me. He wanted me as a decoration putting a gold strand around my neck and then pin me to his cape. I could not undo the strand around my neck but could undo the clasp. I was able to escape into the hallway I believe I saw the king go in last night. I search the rooms to my left thinking he would have his bedroom in the center of the castle for protection. After searching most of the rooms I found the stair going down. This led me to a room that seemed to have no exit. But, I was able to find a secret door. But time was running out on me so I went back to the group to report. Almost caught again by the troll but got away having no trouble getting back into the cellar. I told the group what I learned and the path we should now take. After further discussion we decide to try and lure the kitchen staff down to the cellar to help clean up the spilled beans. We rested a few more hours to be sure it was around 2 in the morning. Rigby used his disguise spell to look like a Halfling servant in their grey uniform. There was only one Halfling in the kitchen and Rigby was able to lure her down into the cellar. We were able to tie her up and block her in the wine room before leaving. We all went up to the kitchen to the two doors across the kitchen cellar door. Gregor and Eric open the doors at the same time to surprise the guards which we did only there were three guards instead of the two I thought would be there. We were able to kill two of the guards before the last one escape through the door going to the King throne room. We followed but the guard had alerted the two troll gladiators in the room. Eric was able to kill the guard but we had the two trolls to deal with. Linkles was able to get off a fire ball that burned the two trolls before they attacked us. Gregor and Eric were able to kill one of the trolls before it hurt anyone but the second was able to hit Eric. That was the troll only hit before we were able to kill him. Rigby used his magic hand to find the secret door and open it. But the door was trapped but no one was near it to be hurt when the spell went off. Eric then rushed into the hallway to attack the troll guarding the hallway. Eric was hit by this troll too before the rest of us could get in and bring it down. I lead them to another hallway and took the second door on my left. The door opened to stairs leading down. This leaded us to a room that had armor and weapons. I also show Rigby where the secret door was. Rigby check it for traps and was able to remove the trap on the door. The secret door led us to a hallway line with cells. We just looked in to be sure they were no monster just true prisoners. We turn right found another row of cells and then a cell with a gargoyle sleeping in what looked like a torture room. There were stairs going up when we went up them and open the door this lead us into the arena. I knew right away we had to go back down the stairs. We did and I knew this was the place the king sleeps so we started looking for secret door. My first check was negative next to a cell and I talk to the person in that cell. I found out that the King goes thru a secret door in this cell. Rigby went in and found the secret door. Rigby removed the trap and we enter the King living area. There were two two-headed death dogs in the room. They started barking as soon as we enter the room. We managed to kill the two dogs quickly. But, they serve their purpose waking up King Castruccio Irrovetti. Castruccio disappeared when Eric rushed in to attack him. Linkles used his wand of enemy detection I give him to call out where Irrovetti was hiding to sneak attack us. Gregor was able to hit Irrovetti breaking his invisibility spell. With Irrovetti not in his armor we took him down before he could use Briar against us. Eric final blow took the king head off. We wrapped up the king body and head to prove the king is dead. We search the room taking a few items like his armor, weapon and other such items. Then the lady that was with the king agreed to lead us out of the castle if we let her go once we are out. We agreed and she was able to talk our way past the guards. Once we got out we let her go and he headed for Vascari family. Once we got to the Vascari family we pulled King Castruccio Irrovetti body out of the hole. They were very pleased to see that we were successful in killing the King. They gave us a place to sleep. Journal 4760 Pharast 26th – The Vascari family lead us back to our camp site and he head back to Solvannia. Journal 4760 Gozran 4th – We arrived back in Solvannia and meet with Queen Arsinoe. We told her we killed King Castruccio Irrovetti and all we did in Ptiax. She wanted to know what going on in Pitax so the queen sent her spies to see what the situation was like in Pitax now the King is dead.